State Farm Stadium

The State Farm Stadium is primarily a football stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinals. It is located in the west valley in Glendale, Arizona. Not only can you see football games here, but there are many other events held there including concerts, tradeshows, soccer games, basketball games, RV shows, professional wrestling and more.

The grass is always greener at the State Farm Stadium due to the retractable field that can be moved to the outside of the building. When outside, not only does the grass get some much needed sunshine, but it also gets a break from the events going on inside that would typically ruin grass, like motocross and monster truck shows. The roof is also retractable, so the sun can always shine inside the stadium as well.

Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLIX were both hosted at the Stadium.

Here are some fun facts about the State Farm Stadium:
The stadium was previously named University of Phoenix Stadium
The area around the stadium is called “Sportsman’s Park”
There is 8 acres of land used for tailgating.
There is room for at least 63,400 spectators
It is home to the Fiesta Bowl
The largest attended concert to date was held in 2018 when Taylor Swift performed.

General event parking (not including Cardinal games) is easy. The State Farm Stadium has 14,000 parking spaces to choose from. All guests are invited to park in one of the lots located on the grounds. Other lots outside the park are available too.

Parking on Cardinal game days is allowed in the Sportsman Park only for ticket holders with a permit. Others can park in lots around the facility or in Westgate or the Tanger Outlet Mall. Parking prices depend on the lot owners. Of course, you can ride share to the event. Uber has now partnered with the State Farm Stadium and now offer a drop-off and pick-up zone located at the gate near Bethany Home Road and 95th Avenue.


State Farm Stadium Tickets and Address Information

The State Farm Stadium is located at 1 Cardinals Drive in sunny Glendale, Arizona. For tickets, you can visit the box office or visit Ticketmaster is the exclusive seller of all events held at the Stadium. For more information, visit the website at or for ticket information, visit Ticketmaster at