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We cordially invite you to join us for a solemn and reflective Tenebrae service on March 29m 2024, as we journey through the final days of Lent and approach Easter.

Tenebrae, meaning “shadows” or “darkness,” is a traditional Christian service that dates back centuries. It is marked by the gradual extinguishing of candles, symbolizing the growing darkness in the hours leading to Christ’s crucifixion. Through scripture readings¬†and periods of silence, we contemplate the sacrifice and suffering of Jesus Christ, ultimately leading to the hope and joy of Easter Sunday.

This Tenebrae service promises to be a time of deep reflection and spiritual renewal.¬†We encourage you to come and participate in this meaningful tradition as we prepare our hearts and minds for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

Mountain View United Methodist Church, 901 S. 12th Street, in Cottonwood.

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