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The Sedona Hummingbird Festival will be held on July 26th through July 28th, 2024, at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.  Presentations, garden tours, birding tours and a Gala Banquet are on the schedule during the festival.  Purchase tickets at http://www.hummingbirdsociety.org. The Sedona Performing Arts Center is located at 995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road in Sedona.

The International Hummingbird Society invites everyone to the Sedona Performing Arts Center in Sedona. Doors open promptly at 8:00am each day. Attendees will experience three enchanting days of hummingbird presentations, hummingbird banding demonstrations, garden tours, a free hummingbird marketplace and special attractions, birding trips, and a gala banquet!

The festival is sponsored by The International Hummingbird Society, a Sedona-based nonprofit organization founded in 1996, whose mission is education and conservation on behalf of hummingbirds. The purpose of the festival is to teach about hummingbirds and work to protect endangered species.

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival is special not only because of its beautiful location nestled amongst the majesty of the towering red rocks.  It is more so of its timing to coincide with the presence of large numbers of southbound migrating hummingbirds, who pass through Sedona on their way to wintering grounds in southern Mexico. This includes the Rufous coming from as far away as southern Alaska. The influx of the local hummingbird population increases dramatically, including the number of hummingbird species from 2 to 5. Some residents report having 500+ hummingbirds every day (based on nectar consumption—there are too many to count manually!).

Attendees come to experience hummingbirds firsthand. Visit several of our gorgeous self-guided garden tours in the greater Sedona area (fee-based). One can take a moment to relax and observe these dazzling jewels as they feed from surrounding feeders and flowers.

Be amazed by the hummingbird banding demonstrations. Watch individual birds be “banded” with unique identifying anklets for scientific research. You may just be lucky enough to release one back into the wild (fee-based)!

Hummingbird Viewing Opportunities

Hope you’re an early bird as our birding trips, hosted by The Northern Arizona Audubon Society, will take you to many different birding locations to spot an array of birds early in the morning (advanced ticket only). We have added 4 new birding trip locations making 16 opportunities this year!

Attendees come to learn about hummingbirds. At the Sedona Performing Arts Center, there will be three days of presentations by world hummingbird experts on a variety of topics.  Learn how to attract them, how to garden for them, and efforts to protect endangered hummingbirds (tickets required).

Find an array of hummingbird treasures at the Hummingbird Marketplace located at the Sedona Performing Arts Center. This year we also have local artists who will have a plethora of items to admire. That’s not all!

Of course, attendees come to experience Sedona. No wonder the festival’s tagline is “The Most Beautiful Place in America to See Hummingbirds.” Located at 4,300 feet, Sedona largely escapes the extreme temperatures of southern Arizona. The end of July is our cooler monsoon season. Sedona’s “red rock” beauty is known around the world.

Finally, attendees come to meet other hummingbird lovers and create friendships that can last a lifetime!

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival will take place at the Sedona Performing Arts Center, 995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road, in Sedona. Prices and tickets are found at https://www.hummingbirdsociety.org. For more information, email: The International Hummingbird Society at info@hummingbirdsociety.org, or call at: (928) 284-2251.

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